French Toast Pockets

A sumptuous twist on a traditional favourite. Dutch Crunch bread is stuffed with Black Forest Ham and Swiss Cheese, then graced with a lovin' spoonful of Honey Mustard Sauce -- real Canadian honey and authentic wild mustards. Drenched in a rich egg mixture, the bread is fried golden brown and the cheese melted to gooey goodness. Delicious only begins to describe it...

YIELD: 2 Sandwiches

Ingredients: Imperial Metric
Eggs 3 3
Whipping Cream 1 cups 375 mL
Saucemaker Honey Mustard Sauce 2 Tbsp 30 mL
Dutch Crunch Bread, thickly sliced (2 inches)
Butter 2 Tbsp 30 mL
Saucemaker Honey Mustard Sauce 4 Tsp 20 mL
Swiss Cheese, grated 5 oz 150 g
Black Forest Ham, sliced 5 oz 150 g


  1. Whisk all egg mixture ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Slice bread 2 inches thick and cut a slit into each slice of bread at the top (crust) to make a pocket.
  3. In a frying pan, melt butter.
  4. Brush or squeeze the inside cavity of the bread with Saucemaker Honey Mustard Sauce and stuff with ham and cheese.
  5. Dip both sides of the bread in the egg mixture and lightly fry until golden brown. Serve warm.

TIP: Turn a traditional breakfast item into a healthy portable on-the-go meal! Substitute Smoked Applewood bacon for the black forest ham.