Jicama Orange Salad

This is an exotic and deliciously different dish you'll love. Crunchy Mexican jicamas are tossed with juicy sliced oranges, chopped red onion and fresh cilantro in a Zesty Orange Ginger Sauce -- a perfect blend of naturally brewed Soya Sauce, ginger, garlic, and the zest of Valencia Navel Oranges. Fresh and cool, sweet and savoury.

YIELD: 24 Portions

Ingredients: Imperial Metric
Jicama, peeled and diced 12 cups 3 L
Seedless orange, peeled and cut into sections 18 18
Red onion, chopped 1 cups 375 mL
Cilantro, freshly chopped 3 cups 750 mL
Saucemaker Zesty Orange Ginger Sauce 3 cups 750 mL
Fresh orange juice 1 cups 375 mL



  1. Mix Ingredients and set aside.


  1. Combine all ingredients.
  2. Toss dressing with salad mixture.
  3. Can be refrigerated until ready to serve.

TIP: Substitute this traditional Latin American Recipe where salad is most often served.