Peppercorn Brandy Antijitos

A little hard to pronounce but easy to love, this is a toasted tortilla with sautéed ground beef, cream cheese and salsa, seasoned with robust Peppercorn Brandy Sauce that features wood-aged brandy and three kinds of peppercorns. Next, the tortilla is served around a crisp diakon and mandarin salad. In Mexico, antojitos satisfy a craving, and you'll crave these again and again.

YIELD: 6-8 portions

Ingredients: Imperial Metric
Lean ground beef 1 lb. 450g
Saucemaker Peppercorn Brandy Sauce 1 cup 250 mL
8-inch tortilla shells 8-Jun 8-Jun
Cream cheese 1 cup 250 mL
Saucemaker Medium Salsa 1 cup 250 mL
Daikon and Mandarin Salad;
Mesclun salad mix 1 1/2 357 mL
Daikon, shaved ¼ cup 60 mL
Mandarin oranges 1 ½ cups 375 mL
Red pepper, chopped ¼ cup 60 mL
Fresh coriander, chopped pinch pinch
Rice wine vinegar 1oz 30 mL
Salt and pepper To taste To taste



  1. Sauté ground beef until brown throughout, drain fat and add Saucemaker Peppercorn Brandy sauce, reduce and let cool.
  2. Lay flat tortilla shells, spread a thin layer of cream cheese then salsa, then cooled brown beef, and roll up tortillas, and toast.


  1. Combine salad mix, daikon, mandarin oranges, red pepper, coriander and rice wine vinegar in salad bowl, add salt and pepper to taste. Place salad in middle of plate, drizzle Saucemaker Peppercorn Brandy Sauce around the salad, cut antijitos in 6 pieces an

TIP: Garnish plate with orange rind curls and serve with extra Saucemaker Peppercorn Brandy Sauce for dipping!