Sweet San Pedro Wrap

YIELD: 4 Portions

Ingredients: Imperial Metric
Cooked chicken breast, diced 2 cups 500 mL
Broccoli florets 1 cup 250 mL
Sliced water chestnuts or jicama, julienned 1 cup 250 mL
Green Onions coarsely chopped 10 10
Saucemaker Sweet Chili Sauce ¾ cup 200 mL
Chopped dill ½ cup 125 mL
Sour cream ½ cup 125 mL
Large Tortillas(whole wheat, spinach or red pepper) 1 1
Washed baby spinach leaves 2 cups 500 mL


  1. In a Large mixing bowl combine chicken, broccoli florets, water chestnuts and green onions.
  2. Add Saucemaker Sweet Chili Sauce, chopped dill and sour cream, and mix well.
  3. Layer spinach leaves evenly on the tortillas, then place one cup of mixture in the center of each tortilla and wrap. Cut on a diagonal and serve.

TIP: Fresh and healthy is what today's consumers are looking for. To take this wrap to the next level replace the chicken breast with grilled peppers and sautéed carrots!