Honey Chicken Almond Wrap

A simple and delicious blend of your favourite tastes. Sliced grilled chicken and fresh salad greens are drenched in our house Honey Mustard Sauce -- an invigorating blend of pure Canadian honey and wild mustard -- and finished with candied almonds and fresh tomato, all wrapped in a soft whole wheat tortilla. Sweet, savoury and seductive...

YIELD: 1 Serving (10" Tortilla)

Ingredients: Imperial Metric
Saucemaker Honey Mustard Sauce 2 oz 60 g
Garden blend lettuce mixture 2 cups 500 mL
Candied, sliced, blanched almonds 2 oz 60 g
Fresh tomato, diced 2 oz 60 g
Grilled chicken breast, boneless and skinless 4 oz 120 g
Whole wheat tortilla, 10" 1 1


  1. Grill chicken breast about 4-6 minutes each side for a 4 oz (120 g) breast or until no longer pink. Slice grilled chicken breast into strips.
  2. Toss a blend of greens, candied almonds and grilled chicken breast in Saucemaker Honey Mustard Sauce.
  3. Place cold mixture in on tortilla, wrap & serve with your favourite side dish.

TIP: Garnish with alfalfa sprouts and fresh Italian parsley. Serve with a ramekin of Saucemaker Honey Mustard Sauce for extra dipping!